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A neighborhood park in Paris (Montmartre).

My New York students may have heard that I was away for a minute. I’m back now. Missed ya’ll! London and Paris were great. It was a total blessing to get to take such a trip, and I aim to post some related pics, recipes, and randomness about my trip eventually.

I know many of you have travels of your own planned and we move deeper into the holiday season. How can we keep our Yoga practices alive during this time? My thoughts:

1. Keep things simple. A few basic poses daily, plus even a minute of meditation can make a huge difference. For example, while I was away, I did the Five Tibetan Rites  almost daily.  I also meditated briefly most days.

Pajama Yoga, anyone? Here I am on my friend’s balcony in London, keeping my Yoga practice alive.

2. Do what you can to keep the connection to your practice, and yourself, alive. Part of Yoga is flexibility and nimbleness not only of the mind, but of the body. Ditch the “all or nothing mentality.” Instead of locking into a rigid idea of what your Yoga practice “should” be, why not fully focus on a few simple poses daily while away. You can get back to your favorite teachers and lengthier classes when you return.

3. Employ technology. Podcasts, Youtube vids, DVD’s if you’re feeling very 90s. More on some great options below.

4. Know that your practice might improve if you back off a bit. This totally happens to me. For example, my heels are closer to the ground now in downward facing dog than they were before I left. Yes, I was active on my trip, but in different ways, which allowed my body to heal and change in unexpected ways.

Bise wants to know if those are the mountains out there in the distance somewhere. Why yes, they are there, kitteh!

By the way, some of my students have asked me if I have any YouTube videos of my teaching. The answer is, “Not yet. But I am indeed working on that as a long-term project.” For reals.

Meanwhile, here are some tips for Yoga you can do at home, or on travels of your own:

Baron Baptiste in bakasana (crow pose).

If you’re looking for a podcast, Baron Baptiste Power Yoga is a solid bet. I haven’t personally studied with Baron, but have practiced via his videos.  Reliably good stuff.

Yoga Today is a pretty cool site. My favorite thing about them is that they practice out in nature, with beautiful natural scenery as a backdrop. They don’t flow as much as we do in most of my classes, just FYI. They offer a free weekly class. Remember, repetition brings nuance, so you could keep things simple by doing the free class throughout the week. More info from their site:

YogaToday.com photo courtesy by Jesse Brown.

Discover a new way to do yoga. Search, stream, and download from our library of over 200 one-hour video classes –in settings that harmonize with the postures and at the level and intensity that’s best for you.

Much more than a convenient practice, Yoga Today is a growing community where you can immerse yourself in a lifestyle of health and wellbeing.

Finally, YogaGlo is a site a few of my students are into. I’ll probably be into it myself very soon. Yes, as a teacher I do my own self-practice. But sometimes you want to be led and inspired by another person 🙂

Yogaglo.com offers a cool variety of classes, including restorative Yoga, which I LOVE!

More on YogaGlo:
Our goal is to offer online classes free of advertising.  You get unlimited access to YogaGlo classes with an $18/month membership, the price you would normally pay for one class.  You can experience YogaGlo classes with full screen HD or normal quality video.  You can sort archived classes according to teacher, style, level, duration and specific use. 

I hope this info inspires you to keep your Yoga practice going if you have one, and perhaps to check out some Yoga if you’re curious. It’ll be a beautiful addition to your holiday season and life. Promise!

Let me know if you have any questions, ya hear?


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At the Masker Orchards in Warwick, New York.

Hello again! I’ve been busy lately with work, specifically with my Yoga retreat that I hosted in Upstate New York this past weekend.  It was fabulous. I couldn’t have ask for a more fun, caring, and open-minded group of people. From the moment everyone walked in, we all just clicked. It was synergy at its finest!

Like one of the participants, Maria, said, it’s so fascinating to meet new people and see how they’ve chosen to write the books of their lives. Here’s a look at some of our weekend:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The retreat was better than I could’ve ever dreamed. But none of this would’ve been possible if my Yoga mentor and founder of Yoga4Soul,  Jojo Tyler, hadn’t shown me the ropes on running retreats a few months back. He also clued me into this spot we used as our retreat house, the Grail. Big thanks to you, Jojo. We miss you! Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Back soon with some recipes.  In the meantime, the stew recipe pictured above can be found here.

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I’m back, guys! It’s been a busy summer, mainly full of work and my usual queries to the Universe, pondering Important Matters, such as “What is it all about?”  and other Big Questions. It hasn’t all been heavy, thank Gawd!  My Yoga students are wonderful, and I’ve traveled a bit, which always lightens my psychic load. Going through my pics, I realized that there have been a lot of random, fun moments, too. Here’s a slideshow if you’re curious:

By the way, I totally captioned ALL of these pics, but the captions disappeared from a couple, including one of a cool studio space in Brooklyn and some street shots in NYC. Bummer. If I can fix this glitch, I will. If not, I think we’ll all live.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll be back soon with a fabulous Persian eggplant recipe that’s perfect for Fall, updates on my upcoming Yoga retreat in Upstate New York, and a rundown of my recent travels to Washington, D.C., and beautiful Colorado, land of Columbia blue skies, breathtaking mountains, and luscious greenery.

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Yoga in the kitchen? What a bunch of posers we are 😉

Hey Guys! Just a quick hello to say that this past weekend’s Yoga retreat was great fun. I’m posting a couple of pics, and plan to post more soon.

In addition to the pics, I have several recipes that we prepared that my students loved, including a Middle Eastern-flavored lentil and chickpea stew, that I will be posting here in the coming days.

At the retreat, it seems we spent equal time on the Yoga mat and in the kitchen. Fine by me, as those are two of my favorite places to be anyways!

Now this was a real kitchen. A far-cry from my cramped prewar kitchen back in Manhattan. It was fun to prep food in such a roomy environment. It was like a party in there half the time, with everyone gathered 'round and having fun.

The students were a great group and so sweet and hard-working. They really pitched in the food prep, and were very intrigued by the vegan recipes we enjoyed, including the above-mentioned stew, fresh homemade salsa, a velvety chocolate mousse made with avocados (though you’d never know they were in there), and of course, the Green Smoothie!

Spending time outdoors in nature was one of the highlights of the weekend for me, especially when we went on a looooong hike on Saturday and got to experience nature up-close, both outdoors and in a nearby nature museum. Deer, turtles, frogs, snakes, doves, opossums, and a crazy talking bird known as Edgar Allan Crow (who said “Hello!” Ha!)

All in all, it was a fun time and I’m extremely grateful to my mentor, Jojo, for helping me put this thing together and run it.

And of course I’m already thinking ahead to a retreat in October, one where we can go to nearby apple orchards and pumpkin farms and pick our own apples and squash, then come back and make recipes with them. Fall harvest, baby! Stay tuned for details.

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Guys, I’m deep in Yoga retreat prep mode, which is the main reason I’ve been so quiet lately. Well, that, and I’m working a lot more in general as well. I’m thrilled to be running my very first Yoga retreat, where I’ll be teaching, cooking, and all around having a great time in Upstate New York with my mentor Jojo and some of our wonderful Yoga4Soul students.

Yes, we do still have slots open, and our prices are ridiculously low and recession friendly–between $150 and $350 for Friday evening through late Sunday afternoon, May 7-9. Do you realize how dirt cheap that is? Seriously, I’ve priced retreats upstate and they generally start at $500 for the weekend.

Plus, we’re even offering a $50 day pass for those who can’t spare the entire weekend but want to roll up and do Yoga and dine with us on Saturday.
For more info, click here, the site I rigged up just for the occassion:


Rest assured, I’m still testing recipes (or thinking of recipes) to share here. This blog is never far from my mind; bet on that. We’re going to have some of my absolute favorite recipes at the retreat, and I’ll be sure to share those dishes with you very soon. One of them, an amazing Middle Eastern influenced vegetarian stew, is a classic in my home. Hey,  you know I’m not letting our students get away without feeding them some of that good Middle Eastern flavah, right? 😉  Gotta represent!

Om shanti shanti shanti!

So wish me luck and send some good vibes my way these next few days with ironing out the final details of the retreat and coordinating everything for my students. I feel very fortunate that my mentor is working on this with me. He’s held retreats before and knows how to make sure things run smoothly. It’s a good thing, because I do have moments when I feel overwhelmed, but those moments pass and I get really excited about the retreat. Besides, having a bit of nervousness is good, right? It keeps us on our toes and shows respect for our audience and clients.

By the way, if you’ve ever been on a Yoga retreat or some other form or active and/or meditative vacay, I’d love to hear more about your experiences. Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t, and if you’d go again.

See you all around again soon.

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