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Azaleas, snapped at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Azaleas remind me of Texas, actually. I love the flowers of summer.

Hey Everyone. I’m popping up for a moment to wish everyone a Happy Summer! Today is the official first day of summer. It starts at 1:16 P.M., Eastern Standard Time.

I mentioned this in class this morning, and one of my students asked me if I was counting down. Well, not really. Ha! I just heard that fact on the news and wanted to pass it on.

I hope everyone has some time to spend outdoors to enjoy these long, sunny days. If you practice Yoga, notice how the increase in warmth increases your flexibility. Some other worthwhile summer activities:

In the spirit of summer relaxation, I”m posting less lately, as you may have noticed. I’m calling this my Summer Hours. But don’t worry, I’m hard at work on different projects, have some travel planned, and definitely have a recap of my recent Yoga retreat that I’ll share soon. Also, I’ve got a couple of Summer-friendly recipes to share soon.

Until them, have an awesome first day of Summer.

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