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Photo by my student Meghan.

Hello, my dears, and happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great week. Mine was pretty productive: Nowruz, lots of teaching, signing people up for my next Yoga retreat, Spring cleaning, daily cooking, working out and Yoga-ing, plus tax filing. Whew! Let’s not even talk about the other stuff I’ve been procrastinating about (laundry piles, I have NO interest in your cries of neglect!) Uh, sounds like a good time to move on. . .

Shirin Polow. Photo by Todd Coleman via Saveur Magazine.

My friend Anthony forwarded me this article on Persian Cuisine. It really made my day:
Saveur Magazine article on Persian cuisine.

Here’s one of my favorite passages:

The Persian Empire, which spanned with some interruptions from 550 BC to AD 651, was the greatest of the early civilizations; there were well-built roads from one end of the empire to the other, and caravansaries, or roadside inns, at regular intervals to provide shelter and food to travelers. Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote that he was seduced by Persian food, and King Croesus of Lydia, an ancient land that is now part of Turkey, advised Cyrus the Great to lure troublesome tribes with “the good things on which the Persians live.” Between the middle of the eighth century to the mid 13th century, the Abbasid Caliphate, an Arab-Muslim dynasty that encompassed swaths of the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Spain and Portugal, hired Persian chefs to cook for the heads of state. As Islam tightened its hold on the region, Arabs adopted and adapted Persian cuisine.

Yeah, so basically Persian cuisine invented and influenced, like, the entire GLOBE, culturally and culinarily speaking. This doesn’t surprise me one bit, but it still makes me wanna say “Hollah!”

So a lot of Persian recipes I run across online use Metric measurements (duh, that’s what most of the globe uses.) A gram scale sure would come in handy for the many Metric recipes we encounter…no converting or re-calculating measurements needed. What a cool coincidence, because today SlimKicker is sponsoring a giveaway of a gram scale:

Enter to win a kitchen scale. Why would you want one? Precise measurements for all of your recipes (especially baking projects). Also a great way to measure out portions of food.

Okay, so I’ve actually never done a giveaway here on West of Persia, but that changes as of today. One lucky winner will get a gram scale, courtesy of SlimKicker.com

What is Slim Kicker?

From their site:

  • SlimKicker is a level-up game that turns your diet + weight loss goals into a winnable game.

The site helps participants:

  • Stay motivated and excited.

  • Rack up points for tracking healthy calories, logging your workouts, and completing challenges.
  • Stay accountable.

  • Enter 7 to 30 day diet and fitness challenges with others, and “check-in” daily to tell us how you’re doing.
  • Win prizes.

  • As you level up, you get to participate in giveaway challenges where we give away special prizes.
  • Personalized, Actionable Advice.

  • Get personalized reminders from our virtual coach based on your activity.

TO ENTER (U.S. and Canada residents are eligible):

1. Leave a comment and tell me how you keep yourself motivated to stay fit. (Required entry)

2. For an additional entry, follow me on Twitter: @BriasWorld and leave a comment here telling me that you did.

3. For additional entry, follow take a look at the SlimKicker site and tell me what “Challenge” looks fun/interesting to you.

Winner announced next Thursday, April 5.

Good luck entering the giveaway. Have a great weekend everybody!

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