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Fitness Magazine dug this photo. Its the one they selected as a finalist for the Face of Fitness contest. Please vote for me here, and pass it along. You can vote daily! My friend Marisa Train took this photo. http://photos.fitnessmagazine.com/face-of-fitness-contest/16/2011/38?esrc=nwphotofaves_fitcover

So I heard Fitness Magazine, which I love, was having a “Face of Fitness” contest. On a lark, I submitted some photos late last week. Monday morning I got an email that I’m a finalist for this week. (Every week of the contest they have several finalists). What a great way to kick off the week!

Guess they really dug my Yoga photos. (That’s all I really had to send in, plus a headshot, so that’s what I did).

If I win the week’s contest, I win $250. If I win the overall competition, there’s a Hawaii vacay and a photoshoot on tap. Wow!

So if you have a moment, please click through and vote for me. I’m currently in 38th place in the “Readers’ Choice” portion of the contest. I was #145 yesterday!

I told my friend Katherine to submit her pic, too, and she did. Get this–She’s also a weekly finalist. Woot! Vote for her, too, while you’re at it. You can vote for us daily 🙂 through April 24th.

Direct Link to Vote for me is here.

Direct Link to Vote for Katherine is here.

And feel free to re-post, Facebook, “like,”  Tweet, and all that jazz. That would be really awesome!

Thanks so very much!

On the food front, I have a fast, easy, and delicious recipe I’m posting very soon; it’s quite healthy and fun as well, so stay tuned.

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