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flower on stone“We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!” — Hafiz

What a perfect quote to embody New Year. Persian New Year, that is, aka  Nowruz!

To me, it just feels right and natural to have a new year start with the promise, rebirth, and blossoming of spring.

Spring is a reminder of the inner light within each and every one of us. That’s worth celebrating!

Persian Card_New_YearsScroll down below for a roundup of highly celebratory (and symbolic) recipes from fellow Persian food bloggers. 

Thanks to the fabulous Sanam, of My Persian Kitchen, for putting this together!

Oh, technically the big day of the Persian New Year is always the spring equinox, which falls on Thursday, March 20, this year. Now’s as good a time as any to spread the happiness and to prepare for a fresh new season.

At the moment, I’m in a bit of Spring Cleaning Mode. (Oooof, those closets needed every ounce of attention I gave them last weekend. Ha!) I’m also prepping to host another yoga retreat, in upstate New York/in the Hudson Valley area.  March 14-16—perfect timing to get us ready for spring.

Looks like 2014 is a year of new beginnings for me in many ways. I’m headed to India at the end of the month. This trip has been a dream of mine for many years. At just the right time,  the stars aligned, the Universe and those I love are shining their support and approval on me, and I’m flying off on the night of the new moon. It’s happening!

As for Spring Cooking:

This is a classic clip for my (somewhat limited) TV archives. Here I am cooking kuku sabzi on live TV for Nowruz. This was on Good Day New York a.k.a Fox 5 a few years back:

More blogger Persian New Year goodness:


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Cherry trees are in bloom all over New York City. If you know where to look, that is. How are our resolutions blooming right about now?

Hello again! This might seem a very odd time to bring up the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. You might be thinking, “Woman, that’s soooo January!”

Well, take a peek inside my crazy mind. I think this is the perfect time to take stock of old resolutions, and perhaps make new ones.


Well, for me, Persian New Year (Nowruz) just passed. And while I haven’t always celebrated it, I do appreciate the fact that it’s a beautiful holiday that’s all about a fresh start. Nowruz is bursting with symbolism about starting over, getting rid of bad vibes, and having a sweet life. Love that stuff. Easter, too, is all about rebirth. And speaking of birth, my birthday, April 4, just passed. An auspicious time for sure!

One of my new year's resolutions was to get this little guy leash trained. Progress on that? Nil.

Having a birthday in early spring always gets my thinking about ways to have a good “new year” of my own. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks of their birthday as the start of their personal new year. So see, in Bria’s World, talking about new year’s resolutions now makes perfect sense.

I’d love to hear where you are at with any resolutions that you’ve made or are making now as we start this new season.

So how am I doing? Here’s some of my progress:

1. Get onto Twitter, and actually use it: Progress: Good. I have 3 Twitter accounts. Well really, my personal one is @BriasWorld

I also set up one for my Yoga group: @Yoga4Soul

And my cat, Bise, has his own, which he updates in a very catlike fashion. That’s to say whenever he feels like it: @BisetheCat  Meow!

I’m on Twitter as @BriasWorld pretty much daily, and have met some really cool people from there, so I’d say that resolution is going well.

2. Get Pilates certified and take at least one Pilates class per week: My certification class is happening in June (note to self–actually sign up for it!), and I have probably averaged more like one Pilates class every other week. So not as many as I’d hoped, but I’m going today, so this resolution is definitely still in play.

3. Shoot some cooking videos and get them up onto this blog: This is happening, slowly but surely. The people who are helping me with this are slammed with jobs and busy lives of their own, but we’re making progress. See some of the video here and here. Progress so far: Fair.

4. Leash train the cat and walk him in the nearby park: Uh, I bought the leash and harness, does that count? LOL! Now that the weather’s improved, I just might try my luck. But don’t be surprised if he scratches me. His comfort zone is narrow, so we’ll have to take this endeavor very slloooowwwww.

5. Plan and pull off a Yoga retreat: The planning is happening. Yes, we’ve booked the space, and are taking reservations for a retreat in Upstate New York, May 7-9.  Slots are filling up, which is excellent. As for pulling it off, check back with me May 10th! 😉 Website for the retreat: www.Yoga4SoulRetreats.Wordpress.com

What about new resolutions? I have some specific small goals, like things that need to happen around my place (boring but important stuff like closet cleanings, furniture re-arrangings, and other assorted to-dos). Now that my crockpot and I are good friends, I need to learn to use the pressure cooker my mom got me. I need to be better about sharpening my knives. See, exciting stuff, right? 😉 Well, it actually is exciting to me. Part-time domestic goddess that I am 😉

I’d like to travel more, and some of that might come to fruition in the coming months if I play my cards right now and in the near future. We shall see. I probably need to get more specific about the travel stuff to really make it happen.

I’m also trying to get better at taking photos, especially food photos for this blog.

There are bigger career goals and dreams that I’m working on and have made some important progress with, but I only share those with those who I’m very close to.

Not that I don’t feel close to you guys, but this is da Interwebs, after all, and you never know who is reading. Or not reading, for that matter 😉  Ha ha!

So that’s a rundown of what’s on my mind as far as resolutions go. Share yours, and I promise that my next post will be a recipe. . .maybe even one inspired by the amazing Afghani wedding I went to this past weekend.

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Happy Nowruz, everybody! 🙂 Well, technically the big day of the Persian New Year is the spring equinox, which is tomorrow, but I figured now’s as good a time to spread the happiness. The weather here in New York is as fresh and spring-like as can be. Birds singing, tons of sun, and gorgeous blue skies. The flowers and trees haven’t quite caught up, but they soon will.

At the moment, I’m in a bit of Spring Cleaning Mode. As for Spring Cooking:

Here I am cooking kuku sabzi on live TV for Nowruz. This was on Good Day New York a.k.a Fox 5:

Hope you enjoyed the clip. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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First a rose, then scroll down for a video of me showing you how to make chocolate dipped figs and dates. Easy, quick, and on the healthy side.

The Grand Finale is to our West of Persia Chocolate Week is finally here. My gift to you? Video!

Yep, it’s video of today’s recipe, Chocolate Dipped Dates and Figs. Of all of the chocolate recipes I’ve featured this week, this is the easiest, fastest, and perhaps the healthiest. Please note that while I do use the microwave in this video, and am indeed squatting by it in the screen shot below (LOL!) I no longer use it at home. (This video was shot a while back). Why do I now skip the micro? Health reasons. Plus, I wanted more room for my tea collection 😉 I’ll write  in detail about all of  that at another time.

For now, just know that melting the chocolate over low heat in a non-reactive saucepan should work just fine, as long as you don’t walk away and keep that spatula or spoon moving.

I figured posting this on Friday would be perfect for those of you who might have waiting until the last minute 😉 to gather ingredients for any Valentine’s Day sweets you might be making. You may very well have the ingredients on hand for this recipe. For now, let’s roll that tape. I mean, video 😉

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